Welcome to Wichita Home Services roofing division! Our passion is to help you find each and every home service you need. We've taken the guess work out for you because the research has been done and the hard questions have already been asked.

We have taken a close look at the roofing contractors in the Wichita area and found the ones that can be trusted.  It can be a nightmare trying to find the right roofer, especially when there has been a significant weather event like high winds or hail. Under these circumstances insurance companies get overwhelmed with claims and tend to forget about the normal way of doing things.  They may ask you to find a Wichita roofing contractor for an estimate before they will even submit a claim.

We call this the "perfect storm" when roofing contractors have a much greater chance to take advantage of you when you need them most.  After a large weather event there is a lot of  opportunity out there for them and they don't have to work as hard to get your business.  This can cause some contractors to adopt some of the following bad behaviors:


  • Conducting hundreds of inspections for a "small fee" and not intending to do the majority of the work (never pay for an estimate!)
  • Under Bidding to get your business (The bill should always match the estimate closely)
  • Over Charging (when demand is high they can get away with raising prices)
  • Overbooking work (It's a big waste of your time when you have to wait weeks for a contractor that has too many jobs to do)
  • Ignoring your call
  • Returning your call but stringing you along for weeks because they have responded to so much business.


These are just a few of the ways that you can be taken advantage of by a roofing contractor. We've taken the time to research Wichita KS roofing and weed out the area roofing contractors who may take advantage of you in your time of need.  We have also identified the Wichita roofers in the area who have the experience and track record to do all of the following things for you:


  • Help you have the best experience you can when dealing with your insurance company
  • Return your call in a timely manner and show up fast to get you an estimate
  • Provide a very thorough inspection and an estimate that includes other collateral damage to chimney, siding, gutters etc.
  • Work with the insurance adjuster that that has been assigned to your claim to ensure that all damage is included in the report back to your insurance company.
  • Show up on time, with great customer service, communication, and respect for you and your home.
  • Installing the best quality materials in the proper way so you don't have any problems down the road with your roof.
  • Guarantee all workmanship and quality 


We are proud to be working with Samson Armor Roofing who we have found to be a company of integrity; providing great quality when it comes to product, professionalism, and customer service. They are also in a unique position to help you have the best outcomes with your insurance claim because of the owner's experience in the insurance industry.


If you need a roof inspection, an roofing estimate, or just some sound advice from a friendly professional roofing contractor contact us today. (316)285-1187


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