Leaks and moisture buildup

It Roof Leaksdoesn’t take a professional to discover water damage to your ceiling.  The real trick is discovering where the water is coming from.  It is common for non-professionals to immediately assume that they have a roofing leak.  This is not necessarily true and you can’t really know for sure without a proper roofing inspection.  You may find that water is coming in through a week area in your roof but another common cause of water damage is caused by condensation build-up inside your attic space. 

Condensation build-up

You can have condensation build-up all year round if you don’t have properly vented your roof and a well insulated attic space.  Proper vents in your roof near the peak and proper soffit vents allow for the air inside your roof to equalize with the outside air preventing the accumulation of condensation on the inside of your roof.  Without proper venting you will have the buildup of condensation inside your roof which can cause very extensive and severe damage to your home. 

Won’t Venting My Roof Cause Energy Loss?

The temperature of the air in a well vented roof will change with the temperature outside.  There are misconceptions that soffit vents and other vents that let in super cold or hot air will decrease the energy efficiency of your home.  That simply is not true.  The venting is actually one key to an energy efficient home.  Another key is to having a good vapor barrier and insulation go keep the air in your home and the air in the roof separate.  Without good insulation you will have difficulty cooling your home in the summer and you will lose heat through your roof in the winter.  Not only is this energy inefficient it can cause serious damage to your roof. 

Did you say Ice Dam or Ice DAMN!?

Roofing RepairsPoor insulation can lead to one of the most damaging things to a roof: the Ice Dam.  When you lose heat into your roof during the winter you can melt the snow on your roof to create ice damming and icicles around the edge of you roof.  As the ice forms it curls back up under your shingles to deposit moisture where it does not belong.  This also causes severe damage to the shingles themselves.  Now you have a condensation problem, damaged shingles, and wet roof decking that will become a leak if you don’t address this right away. 

If you observe or suspect that any of this is happening contact us today for a free inspection and a quote.

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