Hiring a Contractor For Roof Replacement

How can you select the right roofing contractor?

As a homeowner, you will probably be working with several professionals including a roofing contractor, handyman, plumber, electrician, etc to help you maintain your home and keep it in good condition.  One of the most important aspects of your home that you need to entrust to a professional is your roof.  You should never try to replace a roof on your own unless you’re a professional roofer.  Don’t settle for substandard services and even contractors that claim that they are professionals but could turn out to have unsatisfactory work.  Make sure the contractor is a real professional.

To help you ensure that you are working with a professional roofing contractor, you’ll need to ask the right questions as you interview potential roofers for hire. 

What kind of insurance do you offer your employees?

Samson Armor Roofing Storm Damage Specialists

Samson Armor Roofing Storm Damage Specialists

The specific types of insurance that you are looking for is workers compensation insurance and liability insurance.  Accidents happen sometimes.  An employee of the contractor might get hurt while fixing your roof and you don’t want to be liable for an accident that happened on your property while the contractor is replacing your roof.
It is best to ask for copies of the certificate of insurance to prove that the contractor actually has the insurance.  Some contractors will tell you what you want to hear not expecting that you will ask for proof.

Do you have the right license and accreditation for roof replacement?

Keep in mind that each state has different types of license and accreditation process for roofing contractors.  Make sure that your contractor has a license for the state you are in.  Sedgwick County KS roofing contractors should have a Building Contractor License issued by the county before you hire them for any contracting job.  Samson Armor Roofing is completely bonded, licensed, covered with insurance, and authorized to do roofing within the Wichita, KS area.

Can you provide recent homeowners that you have worked for in the Wichita KS area?

Make sure the contractor will give you not only the manes of people he has serviced but also their contact information.  Let the roofer know that you will be contacting them to ask about the services they performed.  This will help you decide whether the roofing contractor is the right match for your needs.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?

Quality roof repairIf you are working with a contractor for the first time it is best to ask about the warranty they offer.  You will need a warranty if you’re having a new roof or new addition to your roof installed.  The materials that will be added to your roof have their own warranty which is only effective when it is installed correctly.  Make sure you and the contractor understand both warranties before signing the project contract. 

How do you handle complaints from current and previous clients?


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This question will give you insight on how professional the contractor is when it comes to building a relationship with his or her customers.  Look for hints of project related court cases or huge problems that led to an unfinished project in the roofer’s answers.  You may even ask for contact information from a previous customer that had a complaint about the work and find out from them how the contractor handled the problem.  This will help you draw a picture of the contractor’s track record and reputation in the industry.  Research the business on the better business bureau’s website to see if there are any complaints against the contractor.

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