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roofing wichita KSYour home's roof does not require a lot of maintinance aside from regular cleaning, frequent inspection, and doing any roofing repairs.  There are several conditions that you should keep a look out for that can damage your roof and cause you to need roofing repairs.  These don't really cost very much especially if you keep an eye out and take care of any problems before they can cause extensive damage.  If you can learn to identify early problems and get it taken care of early it will extend the life of your roof and save you a lot of money.


Here are some of the most common problems that require immediate roof repair.  Keep an eye out for these signs on your roof to be able to avoid much more expensive repairs in the future.


Leaks and Moisture Buildup

Leaks are often the result of poor roof installation, particularly when some details are loosening. They can also occur if the roof is very old. Very old roofs that need to be repaired will have bare spots where the grannuals have come loose and the edges of the shingles will begin to crumple off and curl up.

Some other causes would be condensation buildup inside the roof attic space. You can have condensation build-up all year round if you don’t have properly vented your roof and a well insulated attic space. Proper vents in your roof near the peak and proper soffit vents allow for the air inside your roof to equalize with the outside air preventing the accumulation of condensation on the inside of your roof. Without proper venting you will have the buildup of condensation inside your roof which can cause very extensive and severe damage to your home

Poor Insulatioin

Roofing RepairsPoor insulation can lead to one of the most damaging things to a roof: the Ice Dam. When you lose heat into your roof during the winter you can melt the snow on your roof to create ice damming and icicles around the edge of you roof. As the ice forms it curls back up under your shingles to deposit moisture where it does not belong. This also causes severe damage to the shingles themselves. Now you have a condensation problem, damaged shingles, and wet roof decking that will become a leak if you don’t address this right away.

Poor wind resistance

Another problem that needs immediate repair is when your roof has decreased wind resistance.  This could easily lead to tenting and blowing off of your roof.  You need to ensure that your seams are cured adequately and that they are not exposed to wind and rain to prevent moisture from infiltrating into the roof system and damaging the roof membrane.

Poor quality of work

According to roofing experts, one of the most common causes of problems on a home's roof is faulty installation. This is one cause that is also difficult to repair because it can't be easily seen and it usually leads to severe and costly problems. The only way to address this problem is to have a professional do a complete roof inspection to identify any potential problems and repair any faulty work that they may identify. Another way is to hire the right contractor for roof replacement in the beginning so you don't have to deal with all the problems of low grade materials, and cutting corners which leads to these problems in the first place.

Failure to commit to regular maintenance

ARoofing Maintinancenother common cause for roof repairs is the lack of maintenance. You should not fail to have a regular maintenance schedule for roof inspections, cleaning your roof, and doing any small repairs that the inspections turn up. Once again if you inspect often you may find small problems that are just starting and get them fixed inexpensively. These small problems tend to snowball and grow into big and very expensive problems if ignored.

Ponding water on the roof

Roofs should not be able to pond water(when water sits on top of the roof rather than running off).  If you do have some ponding you need to work at removing the water to prevent it from seaping through.  If you do find ponding you should get a professional roofing contractor like Samson Armor Roofing out to inspect your roof and determine the cause of the ponding.  It needs to be corrected as soon as possible.

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